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Week Beginning: 09.11.20

W/B 9th November 2020 


If you are self-isolating at home, please continue to work based on the lessons found on this page. There is an English and Maths lesson for each day as well as two topic lessons for the week. 





This week we will continue to look at the Greek Myth of Theseus and the Minotaur. Last week we read the story and reminded ourselves of the character of Beowulf. This week we are going to continue to look at the different characters. 




In today's lesson we will be comparing 2 characters: Beowulf and Theseus. We are going to focus on their character traits and how they were similar and different as heroes. Please complete the double bubble worksheet below, write a table of comparisons or write a paragraph explaining their similarities and differences. 



Today we are going to continue to explore the other main characters in the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. This time we are going to create a character rating scale based on certain personality traits. You need to choose either Theseus or Ariadne. Once you have chosen your character you need to choose some personality traits e.g. brave and helpless, clever and unintelligent. Once you have done this you need to rate the character based on how they display the personality trait and then find evidence to back this up. 


Today you will be thinking of some questions to ask the different characters in the story. You will be focusing on asking them questions based on their choices. E.g. A question to Theseus could be; 'Why did you choose to trust Ariadne when you have only just met her?'. Write down 6 questions that you would ask a character (Theseus, King Minos or Ariadne), and then have a go at answering them from that character's point of view. 


Today we are going to be using figurative language to describe the labyrinth. Have a look at the images which are uploaded below. Write two or three descriptive paragraphs to describe it. 




In today's lesson you need to draw a picture of the Minotaur from this description. 

The ancient Greeks depicted the Minotaur as a creature with a man’s body and a bull’s head. His body was fully human, although his legs and arms were bulging with almost superhuman muscles. Beginning at his shoulders, he transformed into a bull with blue-black fur and sharp horns that could easily gore any human challenger. Sometimes, he was drawn with a bull’s tail as well.

Once you have described the creature, have a go at writing your own description. 




This week in out Maths' lessons we will be focusing on division, first recapping the chunking method and then moving onto the short bus-stop method. Work through the different worksheets at your own pace. Try to do a least one a day. On Friday, try and solve some division problems using the method you think best suits the question. 


This week, in science, we will be investigating how animals have adapted to their habitats over time. Take a look at the different habitats and suggest how the animals have changed so they can survive. Then choose one habitat and create an animal that has adaptations based on its habitat. 


This week, in History, we will be looking at democracy and comparing it to democracy in the UK today. Go through the PowerPoint and then complete the activity, which is comparing Greek democracy and the UK. 




This week, we will be designing our own Greek pots. Have a look at some of the images and use them to design your own.