Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning 09.11.20

Monday English - Practise writing some sentences using conjunctions. Conjunctions help us to join two clauses in a sentence.                                                                 
Other examples of conjunctions:  because,  as,  until,  though           Fill in the gaps in the sentences in the attached document below. 

Tuesday English - Use the following video to help you learn more about how and why we use conjunctions: Then use the list of conjunctions below to practise writing your own sentences. 

Wednesday English - We will continue to practise using a dictionary by looking up and defining the following words. You could also draw a picture and write a sentence which uses the word you have defined. In class we will be setting out our definitions in this format:   

Words to define: terrifying, decide, escape, adventure, journey, island, beast, horrifying

Thursday English - Watch the video of the story Where the Wild Things Are to remind you what happens in the story. Can you draw your own comic strip to show what happens in the story

Friday English - Can you think of some adjectives to describe the "wild things"? Make a list of adjectives and then write some sentences to describe the characters from the text. Remember to use conjunctions where appropriate. 

In maths we will continue using arrays to help us answer multiplication and division questions. See previous weeks resources and instructions. 
Monday Maths -
Use the challenge cards attached below to encourage your child to use their prior learning of arrays and step counting to find the total number. 


Tuesday Maths - Use the power point below to help you answer the questions in the attached "Array worksheet." Remember to use step-counting to help you - you don't need to count every object. 

Wednesday Maths - Use the activity sheet: "Draw Arrays" to help you. Roll two dice and record an array to match. Then answer the questions: 

If you don't have a dice at home you can use this free online dice rolling programme:

Thursday Maths - Using what you have learned about arrays, complete the first two stars on the "Make it Up" sheet. You can always record your answers on a separate piece of paper if you can't print the sheet out at home. 
Friday Maths -Using the sheet "Make it Up" complete the final section of questions. 

Monday Topic - Art: Last week we designed our "wild thing" masks and annotated them to indicate which materials and colours we would use. We will be using paper plates as the base for our masks. Use craft and junk materials from around the house to create your own "wild thing" mask. Think about the different ways you could rip, cut, tear, stick and attach the pieces of your mask together. 


Tuesday Topic - PSHE: Look at the pictures in the document below to discuss different ways we can keep safe at home. Then use the house template to write some different rules for keeping safe in different rooms of the house. To extend this learning further you could even make some posters to stick up around your home! 



Wednesday Topic - Geography: Use the video link to remind yourself of the names of the seven continents:
In class we will be using blue balloons and the cut out continents from the document attached below to make our own globes. You could do this at home or you could create your own 3D model of the globe. Don't forget to label the continents. 


Thursday Topic - Science:  

Read through the PowerPoint and think about different habitats around your home and school.


Draw a picture of a local habitat and some of the animals that we might find in that habitat.


Friday Topic - RE:

Think about your last birthday  - did you have a cake with candles? How did the candles make you feel? Why do we use candles?

Can you think of any other times we light candles?


Task: Draw a picture of a birthday cake with candles on and write how it makes you feel thinking about the candles.