LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Andover Church of England Primary School

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Week Beginning: 12.10.20

This week is very exciting- we have pirate day on Friday! This marks the last day that Mrs Radcliffe will be at our school before heading off on adventures with her forces family.  If you cannot be at school, please try to have some pirate fun on Friday and say a prayer for Mrs Radcliffe as she moves homes once more.


Pirate Day


We will be doing the following:

Pirate dancing, singing sea shanties, making a telescope, pirate colouring, pirate maths (addition and subtraction), cupcake baking, treasure chest designing and making, map making and following! 



Alongside the essential daily reading and daily phonics (please use BugClub and 
Mr Thorne does phonics on YouTube if you would like some ideas!), the children will be involved in the whole school poetry week by exploring pirate poetry.  We will look for and share with each other some examples of funny pirate poems, before trying to make up our own.  We will also be working in groups to perform the poem 'Five Little Pirates'.  Please find a poem that you enjoy and perform it to your adult, thinking carefully about the sound of your voice.  Don't forget to dress up for the performance!


We will also be using our knowledge of adjective-nouns to write a senses poem, learning and then thinking about some of our senses.  For example, instead of "I see waves" you could write " I see choppy waves".  Make sure you smell some salty water, feel some wet sand, listen to some parrot noises before you attempt this task.  



We will be looking at different ways to show an amount.  For example, the number 5 can be shown by writing the word 'five', drawing dots in the top layer of a tens frame, putting out 5 pennies (challenge: how else could you use coins to make 5p building on your knowledge from maths week?). a 5 piece of Numicon, a dice showing the 5 dots, a domino with 5 marks on it, 5 counters, a handprint showing 5 digits.  


Moving on, we will begin to look at addition and subtraction using concrete objects. You may be able to find things around your house or use the maths pack each child has been given to keep at home.  Begin using numbers up to 10 and work with addition first. You could play a board game and use 2 dice, adding up the numbers to see the total amount of moves to make.  Encourage the child to write the number sentences as they go, discussing the correct terminology such as 'total, add, together, equals, plus) 


For subtraction, you could write the numbers on pieces of paper and turn them face down.  Allow the child to turn over 2 cards and see if they can identify the greater number.  Write that  one down first, then show them the - sign.  Encourage them to write the number sentence before getting objects to help them show their working out eg spoons, peas etc. 


What kinds of unkind behaviour are there? What can we do if we see teasing or bullying, or if it happens to us?

We are going to ask the children to create posters about bullying behaviours to watch out for and steps to follow if a bullying or teasing occurs. These posters can be displayed around school.



We are going to use a cut out of a person and write things that describe how our parents show love to us.  First, we will discuss it in small groups and come up with a word bank and then we will write around our own cut out in our books.