Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 14.11.20


This week we will be writing our own narrative poem to tell the story of The Christmas Truce based on the Sainsbury's advert. 


Monday - 

Re-watch the Sainsbury's advert, which is based on the events of Christmas 1914 when the soldiers in trenches in WWI stopped for Christmas day. Today you are going to use the advert to try and create some example of poetic devices to use in your narrative poem. Use the sheet below to help you with this. 


Tuesday -

Watch the advert again and then watch this video to help you understand what a narrative poem is. Today you will be planning your narrative poem. Whilst you watch this advert note down was you can see, hear and smell.


Wednesday - 

Write your narrative poem based on the advert. 


Thursday - 

Edit and improve it. 


Friday - 

Publish your poem in best. 


Maths -


Monday -

Today you will be finding fractions of amounts. Watch this video and then complete the worksheet below. 


Tuesday - 

Today you will be using your multiplication knowledge to solve the 12 days of Christmas Problem.


Wednesday -

Today you need to solve these Christmas division problems. 


Thursday and Friday -

Solve the attached Christmas problems. 

History -

Complete the attached quiz below and then create a poster about The Ancient Greeks showcasing everything you have learnt this half term. 



This week we will be making bread. Use this basic recipe to make bread at home. 


Create your own celebration cards. These could be for Christmas or you could create a "winter" card to celebrate the school break if your family does not celebrate Christmas.