LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Week Beginning: 14.12.20

The work below outlines what we are doing in class this week.  Please ensure that alongside this you are reading with your child every day as they will be missing 1:1 reading and guided reading sessions.  Also, you can support their phonic development using the links on the main Year 1 page, Completing daily maths in everyday life such as board games, baking or even just using websites such as Top Marks to work on their number bond knowledge will also be extremely beneficial to them. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require support.

Maths- We will be looking at telling the time to the hour (and maybe half past!) in maths this week as we have noticed that lots of children aren't yet confident in telling the time.  If Santa is unsure what to bring your child then perhaps an analogue watch would be useful!  We will be using our plastic clocks to tell the time but if you are at home, you could draw some simple clock faces for your child and see if they can tell the time to O'clock.  The children should also be able to draw the hands on a clock face to represent a given time so you could give them a time and see if they can draw it! As an extension, children could be given a time and try to draw an hour earlier and an hour later- this brings in the mathematical terminology that we try to teach them in school.


English-  We will be writing a letter to Santa to ask him a question directly.  Last week, we wrote to his elves but they have clearly been far to busy making all the toys for Santa as they haven't responded! We will be following a set format;

-who is it to?

-who are you?

-what would you like for Christmas?  (less experienced writers to use conjunction 'and', more experienced writers to use compound sentences)


-extension: What are you most looking forward to about Christmas?


Don't forget to sign off at the end of your letter after checking it for capital letters, spaces, and an end point! 


We are also hoping to squeeze in some SPaG work where the children will be introduced to the 'ing' ending for words where the spelling does not need to be changed.  We will play some present and past matching games as well as completing some independent work where the children need to decide whether the ending should be 'ed' or 'ing'. 


DT- DT is a major focus for us this week. We will be following our toys topic, designing and making our own soft toys out of fabric and stuffing. We also hope to be able to decorate them!  If you are at home, perhaps you could try to make a sock puppet or similar.   


Music- We will be finishing off our toys theme in music, looking at showing our understanding of tempo and dynamic variation.  We will perform to our peers so if you are at home you could try singing your favourite song in different ways too- change the speed of your singing and alternate between loud and soft. 


RE- Continuing to build on our knowledge of the Nativity, we will be looking at all of the events and ordering them in our RE books.  We will be using the cone puppets and the small world to act out the nativity events.