Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 14.12.20

Monday English - Look at the picture of the setting below. Which words would you use to describe it? Create your own setting description to tell your teacher more about the place you can see.

Tuesday English - Watch the video below but pause it at 1:24. What do you think will happen next? Write a detailed prediction. Think about different characters' points of view (the children and the dragon.) 

Wednesday English - Watch the video above again and this time pause at 1:58. If you were the little girl, what would you say to the dragon to convince him to leave his home and come to join in with the festivities? Write him a note or letter to persuade him. 

Thursday English - Watch the video again - this time all of it! How do you think Edgar the dragon feels at the end of the video when he finds a way to put his special skills to good use? Draw a chart to show how Edgar feels at different points in the video. Think of some words you could use to describe his emotions. 
Here is an example of an emotions chart: 


Friday English - Write a diary entry from Edgar the dragon's point of view. Describe how he feels when he is out in the snow, how he feels when he locks himself away at home and how he finally feels once he joins in with everyone at Christmas dinner. 

Monday Maths - This week we will be learning about shapes.

Use the link below to play the shape sorting game

  2D Shapes Sorting using Carroll Diagrams (

Tuesday Maths - Look at the sheets below. Can you name the shapes in the pictures?


Wednesday Maths - Make a poster to show properties of 2D and 3D shapes.
Thursday Maths - 3D modelling. Use objects from your house to try and build a variety of 3D shapes. You could use spaghetti pasta and mini marshmallows, playdough, plasticine etc.

Shape models examples

Monday Topic - Art: Use paint and cotton buds (or a similar painting tool) to create your own pointilism image to celebrate winter/Christmas. Here is a website which can help you to make your own paint if you don't have any at home:,food%20coloring%20to%20each%20bag. 

Tuesday Topic - PSHE: At Christmas time and over the festive period we sometimes pause to think about those who are less fortunate than us. Imagine you were given three wishes: one you could use for yourself, one you could use for your family and one you could use for the world. What would you wish for? Write your answers down and add some pictures to explain your ideas. 

Wednesday Topic - PE: See if you can help the elves save Christmas by joining in with this physical exercise video!  

Thursday Topic - Geography: Use the videos below to help you create your own fact file about Antarctica. Remember to includes facts about the climate, wildlife and importance of protecting this special place.
Free School:
Destination World:
Friday Topic - French: Remind yourself of the numbers 1-10 in French. Practise saying the numbers correctly and in order!