Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning 14.12.20

Monday English - Look at the picture of the Thomas' house below. How does the picture make you feel? What can you see in the picture? Where might this be? Who might live here? What is happening inside the house right now?
Write down some predictions to answer these questions. Then watch the video below (PAUSE AT 2:40) the picture and see if any of your predictions were correct. 


Tuesday English - Watch the video of Mog's Christmas Calamity again. (PAUSE AT 2:40.) Imagine you are one of the Thomas children and have woken up to discover that Christmas has been ruined. Write a diary entry explaining how you feel. Then watch the rest of the video to see what happens next. Now add a further paragraph to your diary to show how you feel after the neighbours have been. 

Wednesday English - Write a letter to the neighbours or the fire department in the role of one of the children to thank them for saving Christmas. 

Thursday-Friday English - Design and write your own celebration cards. These could be for Christmas or for the winter break if your family does not celebrate Christmas. 

In maths this week we will be looking at data and statistics. More specifically, we will be learning how to use and interpret data from tally charts and pictograms. 

Monday Maths - Use the video clip from the following BBC Bitesize page to learn more about why and how we use a tally chart:
Then practise creating your own tally charts. Here is a list of the things you could do to gather your own data in a tally chart: 
1. Sit by the window for 5 minutes and tally the number of cars you see driving past. You could even create a tally for different coloured cars:                           
2. Make a tally chart to show the different foods that members of your family enjoy.
3. You could use a tally chart to record the number of animals you see in your garden during a day. 
4. A tally chart could be used to show how many jumping jacks a friend, brother/sister (or parent!) can do in one minute. You could then swap over and see if you can beat their score!
Think of some other ideas you could use to gather data for your tally chart. Make sure you cross through on every multiple of 5!  Once you have gathered your data, think about which has the most and which has the least in each group.

Tuesday Maths - Split an A4 page into two halves. Then write the numbers 0-20 in a random order down one side of your page. Can you now draw the tally marks which match the numbers?  Once you are confident with this see if you can draw a tally mark for numbers beyond 20.
Then look at the pictures of the animals in the "Tally" document below. Can you show the tally marks you would record for each group of animals?

Wednesday Maths - Use the power point below to remind you how to use a tally chart and to find out what a pictogram looks like. Using some of your tally charts from Monday, can you now create your own pictograms using the same data?

Thursday Maths - Use the document below to answer questions about the data in the pictograms. 


Friday Maths - Use the data in the chart to help you answer the questions. 

Monday Topic - DT: Using our designs from last week, Year 2 will be making their own biscuits in class this week. There are lots of fantastic biscuit recipes to be found online or you may choose to use a family recipe! Remember all of the things we have learned about food hygiene and safety when creating your biscuits.


Tuesday Topic - Computing: Using our learning from the previous computing session, use the online paint programme to create your own "pointilism" winter image.


Wednesday Topic - Art: Create your own celebration cards. These could be for Christmas or you could create a "winter" card to celebrate the school break if your family does not celebrate Christmas.  


Thursday Topic: Science: 


Last term we looked at materials and their properties.

I would like you to design either a new red suit for Father Christmas or a new sleigh for Father Christmas (or both)

If you are designing a new suit, think about what the suit needs to do - be warm, waterproof, soft, comfortable etc.


If you are designing a new sleigh for Father Christmas, it will need to be strong (so it can hold lots of toys - and Father Christmas), lightweight (so the reindeer can pull it), it might need a roof/windows to protect Father Christmas from the cold/rain/snow etc.


Draw a picture and label your design with the material. Tell an adult why you have chosen certain materials.

Friday Topic: RE


Use the link below to access the website (

Listen to the Christmas story and complete the word search on this page. 

Then try some of the other games and activities.


Christmas Fun, Activities, Recipes, Crafts, Jokes and more! - whychristmas?com