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Week Beginning: 16.11.20

The work below outlines what we are doing in class this week.  We also have CIN day so will be doing some fun activities surrounding this topic. Please ensure alongside this you are reading with your child every day, teaching them phase 5 phonics using the links on the main Year 1 page, daily maths in everyday life such as board games, baking or even just using websites such as Top Marks to work on their number bond knowledge.


This week is anti-bullying week across school.  We will be having class collective worship focussing on this theme and focussing on part of our online safety module.  We will look at SMART rules for internet use- you can find out more about these rules here:

Also, please take the time as parents to look at our e-safety page of our website!


Maths- Halving. We will link halving to equal sharing between 2.  Begin with finding shapes to remind children about the names- square, circle, square, rectangle.  Can the children fold the shape in half independently? What can you explain to them about their half? is it equal? Cut/Sort shapes where half is coloured or there is not exactly half coloured although they are split into 2.


Try it with a biscuit- ask your child to halve it- then take the larger bit! Talk to them about the fairness of equal halving.  Try it with a pack of cards.  Split the pack in unequal halves and offer them the smallest.  How could you ensure each half is the same? 

Moving on, share sets of objects equally into 2 groups. Use grapes, cups and tins for variety and links to real life.  Find numbers that you can/cannot halve equally and sort them into 2 groups.  Encourage children to consider which anmounts they are able to half (odd/even)


English - We are going to be looking at our story maps that we created last week. We are going to follow the story maps and take our toys on an adventure! We will take pictures to put with our story map and begin to write our fabulous recount of our toy's adventure.  At this point in the year, the children should be able to use their phonic knowledge to write their own sentences (use the phonics mat included in your parent pack)  and then with prompting, check that they have used capital letters, spaces and full stops.  Children should be using s/es and ed endings as we haev covered these elements in school.  Please encourgae your child to use conjunction 'and' to extend their sentences.  If your child is finding this easy, they should begin to write compound sentences by joining 2 simple sentences  


PSHE - Money Matters.  We will be looking into understanding what money is, where it comes from and why we need.  These are very important concepts to develop economic wellbeing. We will use engaging role-play and card-ordering activities to explore these concepts with the whole clss this week.  If you are at home, please discuss the topic with your child and encourage them to draw their understanding, writing a simple sentence to describe it. 


Phonics -  Please use the links above and on the main page to ensure your child is being exposed to all phase 2, 3, 4, and 5 sounds.  Use the phonics flashcards they have (like their key words) to encourage them to learn the sounds they are finding tricky- make real and fake words containing this sound and ask them to add sound buttons.  If you're not confident please just send an email and I will get personalised planning to you for your child with learning videos. 


Science - 


Keywords- This week we are completing a key word check with all the children  to ensure that we can support their development in an individually appropriate manner.  If you're isolating this week, please take the time to go over the list in your Y1 parent pack.  You could write them out and play games with them like snap or memory. You could write them out in plates of glitter or flour, you could teach them bubble writing or even draw pictures that remind you of the word.  


ART- We are going to be looking at texture this week, building on from our fabulous bear drawings.  We are going to be feeling fur, looking at the structure of it and then try to draw different types of fur.  



OPTIONAL Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: