Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 16.11.20

Monday English

Today our learning objective is to check for spelling and punctuation mistakes. The printers at (Icebergs Printing Press Ltd.) have printed a few news stories without first checking them for errors. We must go through the articles and check them for errors. Please look at the different texts and identify some common mistakes include spelling, capital letters, full stops and speech marks.  Now, please rewrite one of the headlines or paragraphs using language which you think is more effective for the reader?
Tuesday English -

Today our learning object is to use language for effect. Looking at the different image from Big Bear, Little Brother imagine you are a news reporter who has just arrived on the scene. You are going to interview Minik’s father and create a headline / subheadline and write a newspaper article using the image of Minik’s father coming to rescue him. Next, please decide how you will spin the story, will Minik’s father be worried about him and ask for the polar bear to captured? Will Minik’s father be grateful to the polar bear for looking after Minik and ask for people to look after polar bears?
Wednesday English - 

Today our learning object is to male choices for writing. Please look at the contracted forms of words – what would we change these words to if we wrote them fully? Next, please about what it means to write formally? Look at the formal/informal list of debate cards and please sort the words into formal/informal or words they would find in a newspaper/wouldn’t find. Then please write a few sentences containing the formal words. Please make sure that if you have a dictionary you look up meanings of words you are unsure of.
Thursday English - 

Today we continue to work on yesterdays learning objective and look at choices of words for writing. Please look at the sample of different newspaper reports. What do we find in each newspaper report? What are the common features? Which parts of the newspaper article do we find effective? What grabs your attention?
Please write headlines and subheadlines using a range of different images provided.
Next, please look at the two different pieces of text and discuss which you find is better, one keeps repeating words. Which do you prefer? 

Friday English - 

Please choose one of the storyboard templates for your newspaper report and start planning your report. Now please check your work. When you have checked it please start writing your newspaper report. 

Monday Maths - 

Our learning objective today is to count in halves, fifths and tenths. Please recap on what a half is by looking at a bar model, also using a group of objects please split the amounts in two equal groups. 
Practise counting in halves: ½,  1,  1 ½,  2,  2 ½

Now use your objects to help you complete the empty missing line. Now please make a number line for eighths, quarters and thirds, showing the fractional jump, using a fraction wall to help. Then use a  number line showing fifths and sixths using a fraction wall to help you. 

Tuesday Maths- 

Our learning objective today is to count in fractional jumps. Recap on the bar model and practice counting in halves, tenths and fifths on a number line.

Then please think about what equivalent fractions are by looking at the fraction wall.

Now please start the Pizza and tenths activity: Please use all given pizza bases and try to make pizzas showing ingredients divided into halves, quarters, thirds, fifths and sixths!

Wednesday Maths - 

Our learning objective today is to continue counting in fractional jumps. Please attempt to complete the part-filled bar models and number line to show fractions in ascending order, starting with tenths and then fifths. Then, please start the word-based problem sheet. Remember to use objects to assist you, as well as the bar model and number line. 
Thursday Maths - 

Our learning objective today is to solve problems using fractions. Please use your knowledge of dividing ( ‘grouping’) as well as fractions to find fractions of a set of numbers in a word problem. Please continue to use the word-based problems focusing on fractions. Remember to use objects to assist you, as well as the bar model and number line. 
Friday Maths - 

Our learning objective today is to continue solving problems using fractions. Please continue progressing through the fluency and reasoning based activity and word problems. Remember to use objects to assist you, as well as the bar model and number line. 



Religious Education

Please use the Adam and Eve Wordmap to help you sequence the story of creation. Please discuss the significance of Adam and Eve and if possible write on the paper provided so we can put it on our R.E board!


Please look at the bullying scenario cards and write a small discussion about the scenarios. Then please complete the anti-bullying worksheet. 


Please read the fact file on Ernest Shackleton. Please write 10 facts about Ernest Shackleton and explain why he was an important person in history. 


Please locate the animals into the venn diagrams deciding whether they are herbivores, carnivores or omnivores. Then, please make your own venn diagram placing your own choice of animals into the appropriate position. 



Please complete the matching number activity for numbers 0-20 in French. 



Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: