Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 16.11.20

Monday English - In class we will be writing a diary entry about our Journey, based on the book. Use the example below to help remind you what a diary entry looks like. There is also a link to a video to remind you of the story.

Tuesday English - Today we are thinking about what the characters might say in our wordless picture book. If you can, try and act out the different parts, thinking about what each character might be saying and perform this to an adult.

Wednesday English - Today we are going to write speech bubbles for certain parts in our wordless picture book to show what we think characters might be saying. The pictures and speech bubbles are in the link below - either print this off or create your own drawings and speech bubbles. They are in order, so think about where they come in the story.

Thursday English - Today we are going to learn the rules of direct speech. Use the PowerPoint below to teach you and have a go at the sheets to practise what you learn.
Friday English - Today we are going to use the skills we learned yesterday to create speech for the story Journey. You are going to apply the skills you learned to the speech bubbles you created and turn each speech bubble into punctuated speech.
Monday Maths
Tuesday Maths

Divide by 100

Wednesday Maths
Thursday Maths

Multiply by 1 and 0

Friday Maths 

Divide by 1 and itself



Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here:



We can’t experiment on our own teeth so are using eggs to represent them, as the shell of an egg is made of a similar substance to tooth enamel!







Fizzy flavoured drink





  • Pour the same amount of fizzy drink, vinegar, water and tea or coffee into your jars.
  • Add a whole raw egg still in it’s shell to each, cover an extra egg with toothpaste and also place in tea/coffee.
  • Leave for approximately three days.
  • Remove the eggs.
  • Rinse the egg kept in vinegar and rub gently until the shell comes away.


Inspect the eggs after the 3 days and record your findings.


Write a conclusion of what you found.