Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 16.11.20




You are going to design a new monster for Beowulf to defeat. Think back to the work you have done before, what makes a monster? Draw and colour your monster. Can you label the physical features of your monster? Can you add details about its personality and character?



You are going to plan your story. Is Beowulf going to defeat your monster or lose? Use the template below to help you or create your own plan.

Wednesday and Thursday

Use your plan to write your story. Can you write in paragraphs? Remember to include description of your monster and of Beowulf.



Reread your finished story. Use the checklist below to edit your story. If you have time, you can publish your story neatly and decorate the pages.


This week, we are continuing with fractions and then moving on to reading tables.



Look at the number line below. Fractions can go greater than one. This is where we used mixed numbers or improper fractions. We can also add and subtract fractions over one. Have a go at the questions below, choose one page from each document to complete.



Recap the video below. How do we add and subtract fractions with different multiples? Complete the worksheet below. You can use the fraction wall to help you.


Complete the questions on the worksheet to subtract fractions with different denominators. Choose one page to complete.


Look at the tables below. What are they showing you? Can you answer the questions about them?



Look at the two-way tables below. How are they different to a normal table? What are the tables about? Answer the questions below each table.




Monday PSHE

Can you look at the value comparison cards? Work out which deal is best. Why would you choose that deal?

Tuesday Science

This week, we are continuing to look at air resistance and gravity. What do you remember about the forces? For this experiment, you will need a plastic bottle and some rocket mice (the template is below). Using the different sized rocket mice, can you investigate which rocket mice will land the slowest and record why.

Wednesday Topic

Can you use the cards below and your own research to find out about Viking Life. Some areas you can research include; food, clothing, jewellery, religion and jobs.

Thursday French

Look at the presentation all about breakfast foods. Can you then complete the activity sheet to create your own breakfast?

Friday Art

Can you start to sketch your dragon eye and scales? Look at the work you have done before. Remember to press lightly with your pencil when you sketch. 

Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: