LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Week Beginning: 19.10.20

The work below outlines what we are doing in class this week.  Please ensure alongside this you are reading with your child every day, teaching them phase 5 phonics using the links on the main Year 1 page, daily maths in everyday life such as board games, baking or even just using websites such as Top Marks to work on their number bond knowledge.




In English this week we are going to use time adverbials (first, then, next, finally etc) to explain how to get dressed up as a pirate, following on from our amazing pirate day.  We will dress up, thinking about the names of the items of clothing and the order in which we dress.  We are going to take photos of each stage and then order them, matching the time adverbials.  For children who really want to challenge themselves, try to check your own work- does it make sense? Have you used your phonics? Does your sentence have a capital letter, spaces and a full stop? 

For those that find writing a little more challenging, write the sentences for them and encourage them to use their phonics to read the sentences and then match them up with the photos independently. 



We will be buildren from last week to explore the number bonds (ways to make up a number) for 6,7 and 8.  If you have Numicon you could match 2 numbers to the base number, rather like a jigsaw. If working on the bonds for 7 (for example) you could have 7 peas and practically split them between 2 plates.  Can you think of a systematic way of finding all of the different ways to make 7? 

Encourage the children to write the number sentences to match the bonds. For example, 7 should look like this:



5+2=7   etc

If your child enjoys a challenge, encourage them to think of the inverse sentence for each bond.

7+0=7          7-0=7

6+1=7          7-1=7    etc


Extension: Can you use your knowledge to answer real life problems? For example- If there are 5 peas on the plate, how many am I hiding in my hand?


Looking at the parable of Jonah and the whale, we will be looking at the message the story is trying to tell us. Talk about the being fair and wanting to look after others alongside forgiveness. You could read the parable, watch the video version on YouTube or just discuss it as a family. 



Making choices. Can you identify good choices and not so good ones? Try to reflect on times that you made either of these choices and talk them through with your adult. How did the choices make you feel? What about the people around you? 


Can you think of examples of both of these types of choices and draw them? Can you explain why you think they're good/not so good choices? 



Following the children's interests, we are going to be testing different materials to find out which are waterproof so that we can protect the treasure chest on board our ship! Try it at home- make a treasure chest and then use different materials such as paper, cardboard, blanket, plastic, metal to see which is waterproof.  Can you explore around your house to identify different materials? Doe you know the name of them and can you tell your adult something about them? 


Autumn hunt. We are aiming to go on a hunt around the school grounds to identify signs of Autumn. We will be looking closely at the colour and texture change in the leaves, the appearance of cones and conkers and lots more!