Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 23.11.20

Monday English - 

Today we are going to write our newspaper report. Please use your planning template to write your newspaper report. Remember to look back at the features of a newspaper report before writing your report. Try and use a dictionary to help you spell unfamiliar words. 

Tuesday English - 

Today we are going to be concentrating on editing our writing. Think back on how we edited our Pongo letters. Ask an adult if they are able to help you check your work. Remember to use a dictionary to help you check your work. If you are able please type up your writing

Wednesday English - 

Today we are continuing to concentrate on editing our writing and today we are going to publish our writing. Remember what features are included in a newspaper, remember to write your headline in a larger font.


Ask an adult if they are able to help you chose a picture to include in your report. Remember to use a dictionary to help you check your work. 

Thursday English - 
Today we will be listening and responding to texts. Please look at the image below,



What could the setting of this text be?


What are the different parts of the picture?


How do you know? 


What do you think when you hear the title The Last Polar Bears?
What do we already know about the polar bears? What do we know about the arctic?


The following letter explains that Grandfather tells us he is off on an expedition to the north pole. Write a note to Grandfather with advice for him.

Friday English - 
Today we will be inferring thoughts and feelings of characters. Please look at some of the different letters from the book (Letters 2,3,4,5,6.) Ask an adult to help support you with the reading if needed. Then, please write a summary about the letter. Please think about the letters and explain 3 things you have learned about Roo or Grandfather.
Then please stick in the outline of Grandfather and Roo and write down a description of the character within the body and writing evidence outside the body, think about the links between both.  

Monday Maths -

Recapping on the < and > sign please compare fractions using the same denominator. Can you think of a unit fraction that is smaller than 1/10? Can you think of a unit fraction that is larger than 1/3? Please complete the sheet comparing fractions with the same denominator. Then please think about how you would sequence these numbers. Which fraction is the smallest? Why? 
Tuesday Maths -  

Please compare fractions with the same denominator focusing on transitioning to a bar model, still using < and >.  If you are confident doing this please move on to comparing fractions of quantities, focusing on the same denominator,
Wednesday Maths - 

Use two strips of equal-sized paper. Fold one strip into quarters and the other into eighths. Place the quarters on top of the eighths and lift up one quarter, how many eighths can you see? How many eighths are equivalent to one quarter? Which other equivalent fractions can you find? Continue using 2 identical same pieces of paper and compare for eights/ quarters, thirds/ sixths, tenths/fifths.
Thursday Maths - 

Please use the bar model provided to help you find equivalent fractions.  Now, Using your prior learning from Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday please work on the reasoning-based problems. 
Friday Maths - 

Please find the perimeter of the following shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles, hexagons, octagons etc,  Please use partitioning, counting on a number lime and bar models to help your adding.




Please click on the link. Watch from 1.15 – 1.59. This video shows clips of the Endurance ship within the Antarctic. Now watch between 3.29-3.59. these clips show the route the Endurance took on the journey to the pole. Linking back to our work on the equator (where we know it is very hot) what might the weather be like at the poles? 


Please look at the picture below and identify three differences between the Arctic and Antarctic. 


Now please look at the Antarctic sheet and decide what you would take with you if you visited the Antarctic. 




Today we will be listening and responding to classroom instructions. Please watch the classroom instructions video.

Please practise saying the classroom instructions and create some hand actions to help you remember. Please make a poster explaining french classroom instructions. 



Continue to practice drawing the outline of the polar bears. Remember to take your time.  Use colours/ paints to create the northern lights and then sketch the outline of their polar bear on to your northern lights painting.




Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: