Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 23.11.20


We are starting a new English learning journey this week. We will be looking at a style of poem that the Anglo-Saxons used - Kennings.



Look at the What are Kennings? presentation. What are kennings? Can you match up the Anglo-Saxon kenning phrases to their meanings? Can you write new kenning phrases for the ones you have matched?



A kenning poem has multiple lines. Each line reveals something new about the subject it is talking about. Can you work out what the kennings below are talking about? What does each line tell you about the subject?


Can you write a kenning to describe yourself? You can use the planning sheet below to help you.


Today, we are looking at alliteration. Alliteration is where two or more words begin with the same letter or same sound. Can you think of examples of alliteration for the following words? I have done an example for you. 


Step 1: the word you’re writing a kenning about. Moon

Step 2: a word to describe step 1 without giving it away. E.g. ball

Step 3: a word to describe and go before step 2. E.g. glowing ball

Step 4: add some description (alliteration). E.g. glistening glowing ball.


Grass       Igloo       Friendship      Giraffe       Sun      Spoon



Think back to Beowulf. You can reread Beowulf below. Choose something from the story to write your kenning about. This could be a weapon, the mead hall, a character or a monster. Today, you are going to collect ideas for your kenning. Create a mind map about the subject. What does it look like? What does it do? What sound does it make? What is its personality like?



We are starting to learn about shapes this week. What 2D and 3D shapes do you already know?



Watch the video about 3D shapes. Complete the worksheet below. Can you match the 3D shapes to their nets? How do you know that you are correct?



Think about the 3D shapes you looked at yesterday. Can you work out the properties of each shape? It might help you to find real life examples of each in your home.


Look at the image below. How do we tell the difference between a regular shape and an irregular shape? Can you find the lines of symmetry in the shapes on the worksheet? Do they all have a line of symmetry? Remember a line of symmetry has two equal sides.



Watch the video about types of angles. Can you remember the key facts about them? Sort the angles into the different types on the worksheet below.


The image below shows a compass. A full turn is 360 degrees, a half turn is 180 degrees and a quarter turn is 90 degrees. Anticlockwise goes to the left and clockwise goes to the right. Answer the questions on the worksheet using these facts to help you.




Monday PSHE

You are going to be planning a budget. Look at the budget cards. How much money do you have at the start? What costs do you have? On the Budget Calendar, fill in the information so that your budget works. Remember, you can't spend more money then you have coming in.

Tuesday Science

This week, we are looking at water resistance. Watch the video below, which tells you about water resistance. Find a container that you can add water in to. Find a variety of objects that can be dropped in the water. You could also make some shapes out of playdough. Make a prediction, which object will fall the quickest and why? Time your objects falling in water. Which one was the quickest? Were you right?

Wednesday Topic

After the first lot of Viking raids, there was a time of peace. This was when the Danegeld was introduced. Look at the presentation below to find out more. Can you create a persuasive piece of writing either for or against Danegeld using what you have learned?

Thursday French

We are continuing to learn about food this week. Today, we are exploring sandwich fillings. Look through the presentation to learn some different fillings. Complete the worksheet with your sandwich choices.

Friday Music

Choose a video to watch from the link below. They are all Viking Saga songs, what do you notice about them? Can you make your own chant or Viking saga? Try to make it about the Vikings and remember to clap the beat of the words.

Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: