Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning 23.11.20

Monday English - Using the learning from the previous week's pages, plan a letter to Max. You should persuade him to either come home from the island or to stay on the island with the wild things. Make bullet point notes during the planning stage to help you organise your ideas. Think of three main arguments / points to include in your letter in preparation for tomorrow's lesson.
Tuesday English - Use your planning and ideas from yesterday's lesson to write a letter to Max. Will you convince him to stay on the island or to come home? 

Wednesday English - Yesterday you wrote your letter to Max to convince him to stay on the island or to come home. Today, edit your letter. You should check that you have used capital letters and full stops correctly. Read the whole letter back to check that it all makes sense. Have you included adjectives and description to make your letter more engaging? Have you included all of the features which we know a letter needs? 
Thursday English - In class we will be writing our letters onto paper and in our best handwriting. Then we will be writing the address on an envelope, ready to send to Max. You could have a go at doing this at home and then send your letters into school.
Address for envelopes:  King Max, Wild Thing Island, Middle of the Pacific Ocean, PO1 KM2
Friday English - 
Next week we will be learning to retell the story of Rumpelstiltskin. Create a poster or mind map to share everything you already know about the story. You could then read a version of the text or watch different versions of the story on Youtube. Can you then add more detail to your mind map?


In maths this week we will be continuing to learn about halves and quarters. 
Monday Maths -
Begin this week by looking at the halves and quarters power point attached below. Then either print out and play a matching game with the halves and quarters cards, or look through them together and discuss why they match as a pair. 
Tuesday Maths - Look at the pictures and find a half (1/2) or quarter (1/4) by counting and dividing the objects. You could use your array drawings to help you (see previous weeks learning.) Discuss the answers with a grown-up.
Wednesday Maths: Use the fraction video below to remind you of the words we use when talking about fractions. Then use the "Read and Colour" sheet to show how much you have learned about fractions. 

Thursday Maths: You will be finding half (1/2) of numbers up to 10 using the first ladybird sheet. Try drawing an array to help you (see previous lessons.)



Friday Maths: Now try the second ladybird sheet and find a half (1/2) of numbers up to 20. For an extra challenge, can you find a quarter of these numbers using arrays to help you: 
1/4 of 16 = 
1/4 of 20 = 
1/4 of 8 = 
1/4 of 4 = 
1/4 of 12 =

Monday Topic - Art: In Art we will be creating our own story scenes using textiles over the coming weeks. Think about your favourite story or create your own story setting. It could be a desert, magical kingdom, gloomy cave, bright meadow or outer space. Draw a design for your story setting. 

Tuesday Topic - PSHE: In PSHE we will be learning about the many ways we can keep ourselves safe outdoors. Use the booklet attached above to learn more about road safety. 

Wednesday Topic - Geography: Use this video to help you learn more about what an ocean is: 

Then using this video, see if you can learn and remember the names of the world's oceans. Look at the attached worksheet and tell your grown up where the different labels go. Or you could print the sheet and fill it in on your own.  


Thursday Topic - Science: 

In Science we have been finding out about different habitats. In all habitats living things depend on each other to survive. 

Cut out the labels and identify the links between the living things.


Friday Topic - RE: 

Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 1 from our school Art page to learn more about printmaking from home. The project details can be found here: