LAST DAY - FRIDAY 23rd JULY. Normal finishing times.
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Week Beginning: 30.11.20

The work below outlines what we are doing in class this week.  Please ensure that alongside this you are reading with your child every day as they will be missing 1:1 reading and guided reading sessions.  Also, you can support their phonic development using the links on the main Year 1 page, Completing daily maths in everyday life such as board games, baking or even just using websites such as Top Marks to work on their number bond knowledge will also be extremely beneficial to them. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you require support.


This week we are beginning to build up to Christmas! The children are already very excited about it and I hop that this excitement will encourage some fabulous writing from them over the next 3 weeks!  



This week we will create a word bank and then we *may* have a special delivery of some magic keys! Using this magical hook, we will be using our prior knowledge of nouns and adjectives to label the key, before going on to describe it using adjective-noun phrases in sentences.  Children will be encouraged to use conjunction 'and' or 'but', but those who are ready will use compound sentences to describe their key befroe writing another to explain what they think their key might be for.  Children will need to remember finger spaces, capital letter and full stop independently (using a check list- just like Santa!)  At home to mirror our work, you could find a key, covered in magical glitter and do the same as us! Use the phonics mat sent home in your parent pack to support them to find the sounds in the words they are writing.



This week we will be learning to count in 10s.  We will be doing this practically, pictorially and  in problem solving form.  At home, to mirror our learning, you could use 10p coins and take turns to drop them into a container, counting in 10s as they land to work out the final amount that has been put in.  You could use 2 handed handprints to show a given number, or finger/thumb tip  ends for those less messy! How many 10ps can you stack? How much money is that in total? You could even try doing some addition problems using a 10p shop!  We will also continue to think about numbers to 50 as lots of children found this tricky last week.  They should be able to recognise any number up to 50 and be able to say what 1 more or less is, how many 10s and how many 1s in that number, as well as whether they can half it.


Art/Local Project

We are going to be working on the PPA calendars this week, creating something magical and memorable for you to buy and support the school.  We are also going to be completing our class decorations for the tree project that you have competed to create the topping star for.  If you are absent please email me so I can get the resources to you or arrange collection.



We are going to begin to look at the Nativity story, first reading it and then using a nativity scene setter to act it out with each other.  If you're at home you should talk about it with each other and watch a video of it on YouTube.


PSHE/ Music will be added to this page if there is time in our school week to complete it!



Please use the links above and on the main page to ensure your child is being exposed to all phase 2, 3, 4, and 5 sounds.  Use the phonics flashcards they have (like their key words) to encourage them to learn the sounds they are finding tricky- make real and fake words containing this sound and ask them to add sound buttons.  If you're not confident please just send an email and I will get personalised planning to you for your child with learning videos.



OPTIONAL Extra Art Lesson: 
Use the Home Learning Project 2 from our school Art page to learn more about sketching from home. The project details can be found here: