Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 30.11.20

Monday English - Look at this picture from one of Grandfather's letters. What might be happening in this picture? What might Grandfather have seen? Imagine you are Grandfather writing to your grandchild. Tell them about what you have seen.
Tuesday English -
Think about some adjectives to describe the pictures of Antarctica below. Then write your own setting description. A good setting description is detailed, uses adjectives and adverbs and will describe your senses. 



Wednesday English - We will be creating "vocabulary cards" to help us record our ideas and learning about new words we have read. You can either print the vocab card template below or draw your own on some paper. Use the list of words below and a dictionary to find out more about the word meanings. 

Thursday English - In one of the letters, Grandfather records a poem about snow. We will be creating our own snow poems to read and perform aloud. Use the examples in the documents below to inspire you to write your own snow poem. Then practise performing your poem.
Friday English - Perform your snow poem. You may want to write your poem up neatly and add some illustrations. You could also record yourself performing your snow poem to send to your teacher. 

Monday Maths - We will continue to order and compare fractions. Have a look at the picture below and discuss with a grown-up: Which of these fractions is the biggest? How do you know?

Using the fraction wall below to help you, put the following lists of fractions in order from smallest to biggest. You might find it helpful to draw the fractions. You might want to spread this learning out over Monday and Tuesday to ensure you have worked through all of the questions in the resource below. 

Tuesday Maths - Continue to work through the questions above - ordering and comparing fractions. Remember to use the fraction wall to help you and draw pictures if you find this useful.

Wednesday Maths - Read the problem-solving question below to warm your brain up!
Now have a go at completing the "Stained Glass" fraction problems. If you can't print the sheet, use a ruler to help you draw the different shapes.
Thursday and Friday Maths - You should now be confident in ordering and comparing fractions. Use your understanding to answer the problems in the documents below. If you are finding it tricky to order or compare fractions then contact your teacher for more help. 

Monday Topic - Art: We have been creating a landscape image of a polar bear this term in art. Use colouring pencils, crayons or paints to try and create your own image of the northern lights. Then sketch a polar bear to cut and stick onto your northern light scene. Use the youtube video below to help you.


Tuesday Topic - History: We are learning about Ernest Shackleton and his journey to the pole. Use the videos and websites below with an adult to help you find out more about Shackleton. Then think: if Shackleton were alive today, what would you ask him? Write down 5 questions you would ask Shackleton about his expedition.

Wednesday Topic - Christmas Craft: In school we will be making decorations to hang on our school tree. Use the bauble template below or draw your own and create a bauble to hang on your own tree or to send into school. Get creative and use whatever resources you have at home!  


Thursday Topic - Science: We have been learning to name the bones of the human skeleton. In class we will be making a moving skeleton using paper, card and split pins. You can download and print the sheet to complete this same activity. Alternatively you can draw your own skeleton, or draw around your own body and practise naming and locating the bones of the body. 

Friday Topic - RE: We have been learning about the creation story in RE. Use the video clips below to remind yourself of the creation story. Then read and use the opinions in the document attached and decide whether you think this opinion is most likely what the Bible means or least likely what the Bible means. 


Part 1 - The Beginners Bible

Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 2 from our school Art page to learn more about sketching from home. The project details can be found here: