Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning: 30.11.20



Monday - 

Look back at the ideas you have collected about your subject from Beowulf. Can you add to your plan? Try to use some alliteration within your phrases. Can you think of some more obvious and less obvious clues?

Tuesday and Wednesday - 

Write your kenning. Make sure the lines start with your least obvious clue to your most obvious clue. Edit your kenning for spellings and alliteration.

Thursday and Friday -

Publish your poem. Can you decorate the page with Beowulf inspired illustrations? Once finished, perform your poem for your family. Can they guess what it is? 


This week, we are continuing to look at shape and angles.



Look at the presentation. It will show you what translation is. Can you complete the activity below to move shapes correctly? Remember to move each corner individually before drawing the new shape.


Find a mirror in your house. Hold an object in front of it. It is the reverse of what you see in real life. Look at the presentation, which shapes are reflections? Then complete the activity to reflect different shapes.


Complete the various problem solving activities, using your knowledge from last week and this week.


Complete the various problem solving questions. Use your knowledge from last week and this week to help you.


Complete the reasoning tasks below. Read the questions carefully and make sure you answer them fully.



Monday PSHE

Look at the money borrowing and money consequence cards attached. Can you match them together? Which reasons could cause this? Can you come up with a story for each pair of cards you have matched?

Tuesday Science

Watch the video below about friction. Can you explain what the force is to someone else? Look at the image of a zipline below. Can you make your own zipline using things in your home? How could you make an object go fast? How could you make an object go slower? Test your ideas and record your results. What do you find out?


Wednesday Topic

Look at the sheet about the 3 possible Kings. Read what their claim is. Who do you think should be King? Write a paragraph to explain your answer. Try to back it up with evidence.

Thursday French

This week, we are learning how to say what we like to eat in French. Look at the presentation first to learn the new vocabulary and then complete the activity sheet.

Friday Art

We are moving on to a different project. This time we will be using clay to make a Viking figurehead for a long ship. You need to design your Viking figurehead. First, look at the pictures of real or replica Viking figureheads. Then, design your own. You can design more than one, before choosing your final design.


Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 2 from our school Art page to learn more about sketching from home. The project details can be found here: