Last Day of Term - Thursday 1st April
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Week Beginning 30.11.20

Monday English - Look at the pictures below from the text "Rumpelstiltskin." Predict the order these pictures appear in the text. How do you know this is the correct order? Write a sentence for each picture to explain which part of the narrative it shows. 

Tuesday-Friday English - Using the text below, draw your own story map and create your own actions to help you retell the story. In class we will be learning to retell the story as a group. By Friday, you should be able to retell the story confidently using your actions. Record your retelling and send it to your teachers. 


In maths this week we will be consolidating our understanding of number place value before we move on to learning more about addition and subtraction. 
Monday Maths -
Play the game "Helicopter Rescue" to remind yourself of the numbers 0-100. Listen carefully for the number you need to find and look on the hundred square to find it. You could also use the hundred square below to play a game with your grown-up at home. Think of a number on the 100 square and give them clues to find it. For example: "My number is bigger than 30. It's smaller than 50. It's an even number. It has a 4 in the ones column. My number is 10 less than 54. What is my number?" If your grown-up is busy, you could write down your clues and answers for them to guess later! 

Tuesday Maths - Play the game "Range Arranger": to practise ordering numbers 0-100. Use the hundred square to help you find out which numbers come first. 

You could also play "Caterpillar" ordering and order numbers 0-100 or more, forwards and backwards for a challenge!

Wednesday Maths - Roll two dice to generate a two-digit number. You could use an online dice or use a dice which has 9 sides! Then find 1 more or less and 10 more or less than the number you have generated. Use the table below to help you set your work out. 

Remember to use the hundred square (above) to help you. You might also want to use the website "Math's Bot" to help you with dienes and numicon: Or you could use drawings to help you:

Thursday Maths - Use the above activity to continue practising finding 1 and 10 more or less than a number you have generated. For an extra challenge you could add a third dice and create a 3-digit number. Remember to use the hundred square and drawings to help you represent the numbers. 

Friday Maths - Use the documents below to practise reading and writing numbers 0-100. If you don't have a printer at home you could still look at the gaps in "Read Write Numbers to 100" and write down the things you would place in the gaps. 

Monday Topic - Art: Using your designs from the previous lesson, use textiles or craft materials to create your setting again. In school we will be using felts, fabrics and buttons along with fabric glue to create our images. If you don't have these things at home you could use PVA and old pieces of clothing. Ask a grown-up first! 
You could also use papers, old magazines or books or things you find around the house. 



Tuesday Topic - PSHE: Talk with an adult about how we can keep our bodies safe. This could include: eating healthy foods, brushing our teeth, exercising, crossing the road carefully and looking out for dangers outside and in our homes. Watch the video below about "pantasaurus" which teaches us that underneath our pants is private. You may wish to watch this video before or with your child and be available to discuss the video after they have watched it. 
If you have any concerns after watching the video, please contact either myself, Mrs Whalley or Mrs Scott who is our deputy safeguarding lead. 
After watching the video, see if you can remember what each letter in "PANTS" stands for and complete the acrostic poem. 

Wednesday Topic - Geography: We will learn about different countries and how similar or different they may be from the UK. In class this week we will be looking at the country of Kenya but you could choose your own country to learn about at home. You may even have friends or relatives who are from a different country and may be able to find out more from them! 
Watch the following video which tells us a little bit more about Kenya:
See if you can write down a list of similarities and differences between Kenya and England. (Hint: think about the temperature/weather and wild animals to get you started.) Then write a postcard, imagining you are in Kenya - what would you tell your friends?

Introducing Kenya

Thursday Topic - RE: 
Last week in RE we found out how Jews use the Hannukiah and candles to remember a special miracle.

This week we are looking at a different candle holder. 


Look at the picture and think about the following questions . . . 

What do you think this candle decoration is used for?

When, where and who do you think uses it? (Why do you think this?)

Is there anything you notice about the picture that leaves you 'wondering'?


RE Picture

Friday Topic - Science: 

In Science this week we are investigating food chains.

Read though the PowerPoint together so that you can learn what food chains are, and then either print the cards and sort them into food chains, or draw your own food chain on paper.

Extra Art Lesson: 

Use the Home Learning Project 2 from our school Art page to learn more about sketching from home. The project details can be found here: