Y6 Residential - Monday 3rd February until Friday 7th February 2020
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Andover Church of England Primary School

Striving for Excellence in a happy,secure and Christian environment

Who’s Who

Come and Meet the Staff 

Senior Leadership Team 

Picture 1 Head Teacher Melanie Beardsley
Picture 2 Deputy Head Teacher Samantha Scott
Picture 3 Inclusion Manager Rob Frisby

Early Years Team 

Picture 1 Year R Teacher Barbara Maddocks
Picture 2 Year R Class LSA Louise Rowlandson-Waite
Picture 3 Year R Class LSA Nicki Webb
Picture 4 Infant Higher Level LSA Gillian Addison

Key Stage 1 Team

Picture 1 Year 1 Teacher Lyanne Morrison
Picture 2 Year 1 Class LSA Joanne Radcliffe
Picture 3 Year 2 Class Teacher Tiffany Markham
Picture 4 Year 2 Class LSA Grant Hughes
Picture 5 Year 2 Class LSA Sue Rampton
Picture 6 Infant Higher Level LSA Gillian Addison

Lower Key Stage 2 Team

Picture 1 Year 3 Teacher Charlotte Down
Picture 2 Year 3 Class LSA Gina McSeveney
Picture 3 Year 3 Class LSA Vicki Hannah
Picture 4 Year 4 Teacher Christian Stephens
Picture 5 Year 4 Class LSA Sharon Skelly
Picture 6 Year 4 1:1 LSA Daniella Maloney
Picture 7 Lower KS2 Higher Level LSA Jon Burns
Upper Key Stage 2 Team
Picture 1 Year 5 Teacher Lauren Jones
Picture 2 Year 5 Class LSA Pippa Dempsey
Picture 3 Year 5 Class LSA Sheila Mildenhall
Picture 4 Year 6 Teacher Samantha Scott
Picture 5 Year 6 Teacher Kirsty Whalley
Picture 6 Year 6 Class LSA Jane Selwood
Picture 7 Year 6 1:1 LSA Marie Hooks
Picture 8 Upper KS2 Higher Level LSA Teresa Juliff

Inclusion Team 

Picture 1 Inclusion Manager Rob Frisby
Picture 2 Higher Level LSA Jon Burns
Picture 3 Higher Level LSA Gillian Addison
Picture 4 Higher Level LSA Teresa Juliff
Picture 5 SALT LSA Vicki Hannah

Administrative Staff 

Picture 1 School Business Manager Dawn Arlow
Picture 2 Senior Administrative Assistant Jeannie Lovell
Picture 3 Administrative Assistant Angela Wilcox

Site Staff 

Picture 1 Caretaker Ron Moss

Lunchtime Staff 

Picture 1 Senior Midday Supervisor Sheila Mildenhall
Picture 2 Midday Supervisor Jane Selwood
Picture 3 Midday Supervisor Marie Hooks
Picture 4 Midday Supervisor Sue Rampton
Picture 5 Midday Supervisor Daniella Maloney
Picture 6 Midday Supervisor Nicki Webb
Picture 7 Midday Supervisor Joanne Radcliffe
Picture 8 Midday Supervisor Dominika Krozcak-Tarchalska
Picture 9 Midday Supervisor Marlena Coppen
Picture 10 Catering Manager Michelle Wilmot
Picture 11 Midday Supervisor Louise Rowlandson-Waite
Picture 12 Midday Supervisor Grant Hughes