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Andover Church of England Primary School

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Year R

Welcome to Hazel Class: Year R


Mrs Maddocks is the Year R class teacher, assisted by Ms Webb and Mrs Rolfe.

If you have any queries please contact Mrs Maddocks on

We have PE on a Tuesday and a Friday. During Covid restrictions, please ensure your child comes to school in their PE kit on these days, thank you.


Children in the Early Years Foundation Stage at Andover Church of England Primary School are resilient, confident and exploratory learners with a love for learning that sets the foundations for their journey through our school that is as unique as they are. We will provide a safe, nurturing and irresistible environment that encourages children to take risks and reflect on their own learning.  As creative, curious and courageous learners, children will use their environment to explore and investigate, through purposeful play, supported by a team that nurture and respond to the children’s individual needs.

Resilient, confident, exploratory, creative, curious and courageous learners.

Year R 2020

A poppy to remember the soldiers who gave their lives.

Helpful Websites:

BBC Nursery Rhymes : A great website for singing and listening to classic nursery rhymes. 

Phonics Play : A website with more information about phonics as well as interactive games you can play with your child. 

Topmarks Maths : Games and interactive resources for counting, ordering numbers, matching amounts and much more! 

Bug Club : Every child in our school has their own login username and password so that they can access teacher-set reading books to read at home. Our school code is ando. Please speak to your class teacher if you are unsure of your child's login information. 

Crickweb : EYFS maths and literacy games. 

Letters and Sounds : A website with further information about phonics teaching. Interactive games you can play with your child to improve reading and letter recognition. 

To help your child at home you can: 
- Count with your child to 20. 
- Ask them which number comes after another: What's one more than 17?
- Include maths into your daily routines: I have 5 oranges and 3 apples. How many do I have altogether?
- Help your child to begin forming the numbers. When writing number they all begin at the top.
- Recognise and name shapes in your home. Show your child how to describe the shapes: It has four corners and four sides. 
- Sing counting songs. 
- Practice your child's key words with them. 
- Listen to your child read their book and record your experiences in the home learning diary. 
- Read stories together and talk about the characters, setting and plot. 
- Sing nursery rhymes and play rhyming games. 
- Help your child to form the letters and ask them which sounds the letters make. 

If you would like further assistance in supporting your child's home learning please come and see me.